This is called ‘Brighten’; the furniture is composed of wood, plywood and aluminium sheet. Customized holding system provides new organised experience with playful elements. This means people can create their own wall patterns depending on their uses. Punched holes also enable people to get the electronic signal from the remote control to products in drawers. Moreover, it is designed to be used as a cable management system. This object enables people to play with their furniture in the environment. The playful holding system for TV devices means that this furniture offer not only functional but also playfulness elements while using it.

Main body_ w1200x h900x d500mm
Box one_ w750x h250x d450mm
Box two_ w450x h450x h450mm

Aluminum (Punch), Aluminum (Extrusion/ Powder coating), and plywood



Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 500 x 1200 x 900 mm

Aluminum (Punch), Aluminum (Extrusion/ Powder coating), and plywood